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The Full Story

Constructing buildings in an environmentally-considerate way requires careful thought and planning. However, the payback from a green building far outweighs this price. Implementing green building techniques reduces impacts on the environment and human health during both construction and operation of a structure, as well as during production of building materials.

As a natural product, stone is inherently earth-friendly. Natural stone offers many attractive, environmentally friendly attributes, including an enduring life-cycle, durability, ease of care and maintenance, recyclability, and quarry and manufacturing best practices. Using natural stone shows that you take responsibility to care for the earth by actively striving to preserve, restore or improve the natural environment. Conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste are some ways the stone industry is working to be eco-friendly through green building. Water is a finite resource, and because the fabrication of natural stone products requires this resource, proper water management is critical to sustain stone production operations. In fact, water is a part of almost every step in the cutting, and finishing of dimensional stone products and is also used to remove airborne particulates from daily operations. We utilize very sophisticated Rapid Settlement Systems which are designed to efficiently remove the vast majority of solids out of our water stream so it can be re-used over and over.

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