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Looking for new ideas? We have an extensive library of designs and elements to assist you. Our years of

experience planning, managing, and executing architectural and dimensional stone fabrication of all

kinds, come together with our expert artisans, and our state of the art production line, to complete your

project with quality results, on time, and, within your budget. We will make your dreams a reality.

Selection  of  suppliers and trades  is  one  of  the  most important decisions a client makes

when undertaking a building project. The success of a project depends to a large extent

on the professional capabilities, experience, and expertise of the firms involved.

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Takeoff & Estimation

We use the latest software with highest degree of accuracy to estimate the costs of your project based

on what is known today. We pride ourselves in the fact that our estimates have been consistently very

close to the final numbers. We have a simple questionnaire which you fill out, and we will do the rest.

Site Measurement

In order to verify as-built structure measurements against original drawings, we will make visits to the

site and take precise measurements. These as-built drawings will be supplied to the client in CAD format

for review and revisions if necessary and will become the basis on which we create our shop drawings.


Design & Drafting

If you are looking to dress your project with natural stone, our engineers will team up with your

architects and designers to get the job done.

Our goal here is to suggest exterior design ideas that incorporate functionality and aesthetics within

budgetary confines. Our design and drafting team will help you design and plan your project. We start

by assessing your needs and goals, and then offer an estimate and timeline for completion.



These are a set of drawings produced by us based on as-built field measurement which normally show

more detail than the architectural drawings. These are drawn to explain the placement and assemblies

of different parts to our production staff and also the installation crew.


Installation Support

Throughout the installation phase, we continue to provide support in order to inspect progress, and

advise the masons on details. Our input at this stage can prevent escalating costs through careful

consideration of any changes and early recognition of potential problems.

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